Personal Branding

It's no secret that having photographs taken of yourself is not something everyone enjoys. But we all know we need them for our brand.

It's important when you decide you are ready for your shoot to choose a photographer you firstly, like their work and style. And secondly get on with them. You will be spending half a day if not longer with this person so if they aren't easy to get on with they probably wont be the right fit for you or your brand.

One of the important things when having your photographs taken is you want to get across your personality which is why it is important you feel comfortable and relaxed around your chosen photographer. You want to show your prospective clients you are a friendly and approachable.

You also need to bare in mind you may be attracting different clientele so you may need some shots looking more “serious” which will appeal the them. We capture as many different shots as possible to cover all these needs and carefully choose the background that will appeal to different markets.