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How photographs can help you right now

It’s certainly rocked the boat in many directions over the last month. Some businesses are flourishing and others are struggling.

I don’t know about you but we have had many chats about our strategies moving forwards and feel our future will have changed for the best.

Like you, we are excited for the new future, many of us are busy working very hard on building and changing our current business which is not an easy job but it will pay off.

We wanted to offer you some support over the next few weeks to help you grow your business too.

Our experience tells us now is the best time to do all your planning, we have something now most of us have struggled with before…TIME!

Content creation takes time and can benefit your business massively. There are several ways to deliver fantastic content to your clients. It includes the following;

⁃ Photos

⁃ Videos

⁃ Blog Posts

⁃ Podcasts

⁃ How to guides

⁃ Social Media Posts

⁃ Websites

⁃ Webinars

⁃ Presentations

⁃ Case Studies

Let’s start by talking about Photography.

Photography is marketing. It is a glimpse into your business.

You have 0.5 seconds (if that) to grab your target market’s attention.

People will make an assumption of what you do because of what photographs you have used. Our top tip is to have photographs that match what you are talking about.

Creating content can take time and is challenging. Our top tip is to go back through your photographs and you will remember a variety of stories and different topics will come up. This is a great place to start. Brainstorm ideas and just put them on paper.

The Key is to tell stories

Whatever content you create be sure to have images. These should represent you, your business and your brand, but most importantly they should match with what you are talking about.

You can share your content in many ways, through social media, blog posts, website, emails etc. In order to have higher engagement you should include imagery. Using photographs to break up the content will help your reader get through all that content faster and with greater ease.

There are some fantastic tools you can use to jazz up your images. is free and a great way to add text easily in a matter of seconds. You can choose templates and adapt them too. That way when you are posting on social media, every time you can have the same theme, everyone will get to know your style.

Soon you’ll discover you can never have too many photographs.

If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know, we are always happy to have a chat!

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