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How to feel great when having your photographs taken

We understand it is not a natural thing to have your photograph taken and we also understand that it feels weird to book a shoot for your business and branding.

These images are the eye into your business, they will give a good indication to the type of team you are! So yes, they are important and vital to your marketing.

Photographers have their photographs taken too!!!

Recently, I had a Power Brand Shoot myself, with our team at the studio so I could put myself through the experience. It was weird, especially as I am used to being behind the camera! But the more I got into it, the easier it was.

The key lesson here, is that you feel comfortable with your photographer. We are all self conscious of different things, and while to someone else you look amazing, no matter how much someone tells you that, you will probably not like it as you don’t feel entirely comfortable.

Knowing that your photographer can make you feel comfortable by spending time to ensure you like every photograph by adapting the pose, background, lighting etc will result in you enjoying your photographs more and feeling more excited to use them!

Having a good conversation helps with this, especially if you know what you are self conscious about, but also knowing how you are planning to use your photographs is equally important as you can then start planning during the shoot how these images will look on your website, social media, flyers etc….

This all comes into the planning and your photographer should be able to help guide you to understand which photographs are best for each aspect of your business. Then all the planning is done and you can have fun and enjoy your shoot, do those “serious” photographs but also do those funny ones, get those laughs and just be you! That’s what people want, they want you, they want to know who you are, how you make them feel. And yes, they can get a lot of this through the photography you use.

Remember these are a glimpse into your business.

Why not book a planning session with one of our team, have a friendly chat about your marketing plans and understand how photography can take your marketing to the next level.

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