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Is photography really that important for my business?

As a professional photographer, my job is far more than just taking great photos of you. You need photographs for your business and your brand, they must represent you, what your values are, and they must be suitable for your target market.

So, what do I mean by this?!

Photography is marketing, it is showing you and your business in the best light. It is giving the outside world a glimpse into what you do.

In order for us to capture the best photographs for your brand you need to have a plan – don’t worry, we help you with this!

Typically, we help those of you who are either rebranding or wanting to up your marketing content.

Firstly, you need to know why you want these photographs and what you want them for. This helps us to work with you to understand what you need. Often, we discover that you need far more photographs than you first thought.

Think about:

Your social media accounts (if you aren’t posting – why?!) Everyone needs to know what you do! – This is like stock imagery for you – believe it or not, it is cheaper and 100% more effective than stock imagery.

People want to see the 'human' side of you, they want to get to know you and feel as though they do know you.

Your website – analyse this in detail. You have so many pages on there and so much content that needs to be broken up with photographs. Shorter sentences will help. People will look before they read, if there is a photograph that attracts their attention, they will be more likely to read. You then need to ensure the content matches the photographs and video on your site.

It might sound simple but the number of businesses that get it wrong is surprising. If you say you are a happy friendly business, you must have photographs that demonstrate this, have photographs that show your happy, friendly team. Photos of people smiling!

Then break your website down, think about your individual pages then the layout on each of those pages.

Do you need a photo for your banner on your front page?

You need to work out how many photos you need but more importantly, this is the first thing your prospects see.

This image should shout at them right away and show them exactly what you do. You can add text to it, you can have more than one photo.

Just be sure those photographs you use represent what your business is all about. You have 0.5 seconds to grab their attention, in those seconds they will decide whether to stay or leave...

Your about page, do you have an up to date headshot? Or do you have a team photo? I

f you have a profile photo that’s even 1-2 years old, it is outdated. Think about how much you change; your hair, your beard etc. You want people to recognise you instantly so there is no awkward, 'is that them….' Or uncertainty. (And right now, people don’t want more uncertainty!)

Testimonials – do you have photographs to show you ‘at work’?

Your clients want to visualise what working with you will be like. The best way they can do this is by 'seeing' how you work.

They will be asking questions such as:

'Do I need to travel to them?'

'Can they come to my home?'

'Can we meet at a coffee shop?'

'Do they do meetings on weekends or evenings?'

Just by using a photograph of you at a coffee shop shows you go out and about, some of those questions are answered before they even read your FAQ's!

Soon you’ll discover you can never have too many photographs.

We have a whole guide on this, if you'd like it, send us a message we would be happy to share it with you!

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