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The ultimate guide to writing the best blog posts

Blog posts are a great way to get your message across. The beauty of blog posts is you can use them in so many different ways. They can be on your website, on social media platforms, and they can be google searched too.

The biggest difference between a good blog post and a great one is the look of it. Remember people don’t have time, they will look and assume what you have written, only if the imagery is good and engaging will they read it.

When it comes to creating the content, there are so many different topics you can discuss. We recommend, going to google and see what your clients are searching for, brainstorm what your clients pains are and give them solutions.

All this content creation is adding to your SEO, it will help you rank higher organically on google. Ultimately this is the reason to create your content and share it, as well as helping your prospects and clients along the way.

You always have two types of reader, left brain readers and right brain readers.

In short:

Left brain are more analytical so will be searching for the facts and figures, they’re more sceptical. Using testimonials and numbers will keep their engagements.

Right brain readers are much more about emotion, how does it make them feel? They also care about how the content is presented, how it looks.

So, you have two audiences, you are building your SEO, now you want the information to be digestible.

When it comes to designing your blog post, think about how your reader will digest the content. I don’t know about you, but if I click a link and just see text, no imagery, I just click out of it. I want to visualise what I read and understand how it should look.

Think cookery books, the likelihood of you choosing a recipe without a photo is far less than one that has a photo. You want to know what the end result looks like to decipher whether it is worth baking or not.

Too much text is daunting for any reader, it’s important to break it up. Photographs often work best to break the text up, use wider spacing and something as simple as using italics underline and bold. These are great to helping your audience pick out the important parts. They will scan read so want to pick up those key messages.

Ultimately by doing blog posts, you are link building, driving traffic from other sites and google images, pintrest, facebook etc. Over the years we have posted blogs on our sites and then taken the photographs from the blog, added an eye grabbing title and placed them on Social Media platforms.

Pintrest is an amazing platform for this.

Most people now use pintrest to search for ideas and inspiration, it’s much more advanced than google images and very easy to use. You can save the photos to your boards so you can always go back and find them easily. All your inspiration is in one place. The great thing about this platform is you can have several photographs all linking to one post. You can test different titles to see which is the best converter. It ultimately helps with your brand awareness, creating more business.

Google likes blog posts, which means your website will get a better SEO rating. The more traction your blogs bring the higher you will rank on Google. Using Pintrest and other social media platforms helps to boost this faster.

We have done exactly this with our photo booth business last year. We were struggling for bookings, after patiently writing blogs and putting content out there, along with completing other aspects to help with our SEO, we began to rank higher on Google. We are now delighted to see the result and getting bookings for 1-2 years in advance.

Remember the important thing is to do it, just get the content out there. Even if it’s once a month, that’s more than most. Use those tools such as pintrest to help get brand awareness and have a good performing blog.

For more suggestions, send us a message, we’re happy to help and advise.

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