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Why is location so important for photographs

Your photographs are a glimpse into your business, a glimpse into what you are like. They are the window.

It's great to have text explaining what you do but the reality is people will guessing what you have written and they will an assumption what you're about based on your photographs. You have 0.5 seconds to grab the attention of your audience. Only if the photographs align with why they visited your site will they then take the time to read what you have written.

Once you have broken down your website and social media, and understand what type of photographs you need. You then need to think about where you’d like to take these photos.

Location is hugely important and who you are targeting comes into this. Here are some questions for you to answer which will help us to decide where we should do your shoot.

- Are you a local business?

- Are you clients from large corporations?

- Do you target families?

- Who do you work with mostly?

- Who do you want to work with more?

With you, we work out the best location for your shoot based on your answers to those questions. Often we can fit in a few locations so the preferred option would be to have a couple in mind.

We also get to know you as a person and understand what you like to do. This is great for you to use on your 'about page' and on your social media to show the 'human' side of you, the real you. We are in a people business and as we all know people buy from people we believe it's important to get those 'personal' shots to show you personality as well as those powerful shots that will attract your target market.

As a loose rule we suggest that if you are targeting larger companies, you may want to show you travel to them, perhaps they’re in the city, lets show you by tall, modern buildings, show you in the ‘corporate world’.

If you are targeting families, it’s much more about family time, having time with the kids. Where do families spend most of their time (or where do they want to spend most of their time?) They want to be vision to be together, in the garden, outdoors. The one thing families wish they have more of – it’s time, it’s spending as much time together doing what they love.

Get into the head of your target market, really understand what they love. Remember even if they are in corporate jobs, they all have personal lives, all you have to do is understand what they like.

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